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Body Image Assessments

I have developed and validated the following copyrighted questionnaires to assess certain facets of the body-image construct. If you agree to the conditions of use of these body-image questionnaires in your research or clinical practice, you can purchase these assessments as PDF files. Materials will be sent to you via email as attachments. The nominal fee is an individual license fee, not a site license fee (i.e., not for multiple users at an institution). The license pricing is modest, so as to be affordable by student researchers.

The pricing schedule assumes that the materials are not intended for commercial use (i.e., for current or ultimate profit; such as clinical drug trials or on for-profit web applications). Potential commercial users should email me for commercial pricing information.

For each measure you will get the questionnaire ready for duplication, as well as scoring instructions. For some of the measures you will also get a manual that provides information on reliability, validity, scoring, norms, and pertinent published articles. Just click on the acronym(s) for a brief description of the particular assessment(s) of interest to you. You will see that there is also a discounted package of the four most popular questionnaires (MBSRQ, ASI-R, SIBID, and BIQLI).

  • ABCD: Assessment of Body-Image Cognitive Distortions
  • MBSRQ: Multidimensional Body Self-Relations Questionnaire
  • BIQ: Body-Image Ideals Questionnaire
  • SIBID Situational Inventory of Body-Image Dysphoria
  • BIDQ Body Image Disturbance Questionnaire
  • BIQLI: Body Image Quality of Life Inventory
  • BISS: Body Image States Scale
  • ASI-R: Appearance Schemas Inventory-Revised
  • BICSI: Body Image Coping Strategies Inventory
  • BESAQ: Body Exposure during Sexual Activities Questionnaire

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