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Body Image Assessments: MBSRQ

The Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire (MBSRQ) is a well-validated self-report inventory for the assessment of body image. Body image is conceived as oneâs attitudinal dispositions toward the physical self. As attitudes, these dispositions include evaluative, cognitive, and behavioral components. Moreover, the physical self encompasses not only oneâs physical appearance but also the body's competence or "fitness" and its biological integrity or "health/illness."

The MBSRQ is intended for use with adults and adolescents (15 years or older). Two forms of the MBSRQ are available. The full, 69-item version consists of 10 subscales: Evaluation and Orientation vis-à-vis Appearance, Fitness, and Health/Illness, plus Overweight Preoccupation, Self-Classified Weight, and the Body Areas Satisfaction Scale (BASS). The MBSRQ-Appearance Scales (MBSRQ-AS) is a 34-item measure that consists of 5 subscales Appearance Evaluation, Appearance Orientation, Overweight Preoccupation, Self-Classified Weight, and the BASS.

The 12-page MBSRQ manual provides information about its scientific development, its subscales and their interpretation, scoring formulae, gender-specific norms, and reliability data. All subscales possess acceptable internal consistency and stability. References are also given pertinent to the MBSRQ's strong convergent, discriminant, and construct validities.

The MBSRQ (both forms) and its manual are available for a nominal fee. Purchasers are permitted limited duplication of the questionnaires for research or clinical purposes. Conditions of use are as follows:

  • Period of use is limited to two (2) years.
  • Duplication of copies exceeding 1000 requires the author's written permission.
  • Distribution for use by others is prohibited.
  • Modification of the questionnaire items is prohibited. 
  • Use in online surveys is acceptable if the survey is posted on a restricted site (i.e., not posted on an open website).
  • Any commercial use of the materials, other than use in academic research or clinical practice, is prohibited.
  • Any document (i.e., technical report, thesis, dissertation, or published article) resulting from use of the assessment must include its proper citation.

If you wish to order and print the MBSRQ, MBSRQ-AS, and the MANUAL, and you agree to the above terms, CLICK the following link and provide the necessary information as requested.

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