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Body Image Assessments: ASI-R

The Appearance Schemas Inventory-Revised (ASI-R) is an empirically validated, extensive revision of Cash and Labarge’s (1996) original assessment of individuals’ psychological investment in their physical appearance. This 20-item measure consists of two subscales vis-a-vis one’s cognitive-behavioral investment in one’s own appearance—Self-Evaluative Salience (12 items) and Motivational Salience (8 items). Self-Evaluative Salience reflects the extent to which individuals define or measure themselves and their self-worth by their physical appearance, which they deem influential in their social and emotional experiences. Motivational Salience pertains to the extent to which persons attend to their appearance and engage in appearance-management behaviors.

The ASI-R is a measure for use with adults, 18 years old and older.

The ASI-R and its brief manual are available for a nominal fee. Purchasers are permitted limited duplication of the questionnaires for research or clinical purposes. Conditions of use are as follows:

  • Period of use is limited to two (2) years.
  • Duplication of copies exceeding 1000 requires the author's written permission.
  • Distribution for use by others is prohibited.
  • Modification of the questionnaire items is prohibited. 
  • Use in online surveys is acceptable if the survey is posted on a restricted site (i.e., not posted on an open website).
  • Any commercial use of the materials, other than use in academic research or clinical practice, is prohibited.
  • Any document (i.e., technical report, thesis, dissertation, or published article) resulting from use of the assessment must include its proper citation.

If you wish to order and print the ASI-R and the MANUAL, and you agree to the above terms, CLICK the following link and provide the necessary information as requested.

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